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Ronald G. Naski & Thomas E. Naski

Authors & Brothers from Detroit


Lost at the Lake

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Charisse is lost and alone, her dreams have vanished along with her fiancée. Unable to go to the police, she remembers the words of an old friend “if you ever need help you can count on Jack”. She travels from Tahoe to Detroit to find the only person who can help her, a disgruntled ex-psychologist named Jack MgRav, the human lie detector. At a bar in a suspect area of Detroit she finds that her friend’s words were true “you can count on Jack”. Jack’s inquiries start in the casinos of Detroit and then to the casinos of Lake Tahoe. There the mystery of Paul Latrell’s disappearance takes a dangerous turn as the investigation leads Jack into the seedy side of casino life where money is king and life is cheap.


About the Authors

The Writings of Two Brothers

Ron and Tom Naski are brothers from the east side of Detroit. Ron made his career in education teaching topics such as Mass Media, Public Speaking, and Creative Writing eventually going on to become the Associate Dean of Education at the University of Detroit. Tom's early career in literature started when he worked as manager of a local bookstore. The brothers went on to build and develop the Center for the Study of Sport at the University of Detroit. Together the brothers worked with professional athletes from the major sports teams in Detroit helping them to finish their degrees and work on their career transitions. The program rose to national prominence before they both departed the organization to pursue their passion for writing. The two draw upon their varied life experiences growing up in Detroit to give color and life to their characters.


"Pass it on."

Jack MgRav


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